Woman threatened with gun on I-95

A woman was riding on highway 95 in the Raleigh, NC area where all the sudden a guy started messing with her by tailgating and being aggressive. She kindly let him pass but that was not the end of it. He passes her and then slows down enough to show off that he had a gun. She panics and calls 911. While on the phone with dispatch the guy kept on showing the gun. It scared her even more when they got into a congested area. No highway patrol was in the area at the time and were trying their best to find her as well as the car with gunman. The woman was on the phone the whole time doing a play by play when all the sudden when she entered wake county around exit 312 on highway 40 east. That is when she had to be transferred to another dispatcher in the next zone. The dispatcher accidentally disconnected her and when she called 911 back she was connect with a dispatcher in Georgia. Personally i am unsure how she would be connected with Georgia while in the middle of North Carolina. The news company that I saw this report had this to say

A Johnston County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson tells CBS17 that Wake County deputies were notified as the woman got to exit 312 near the county line.

A spokesperson for the Wake County Sheriff’s Office said they did get a call from Johnston County when the woman was at mile marker 309 near Clayton. Someone tried to contact woman, but the call went to voicemail.

The spokesperson said a Wake County deputy was dispatched, but could not find the aggressive driver.