Dairy Queen sign calls out drug activity in its parking lot

An owner of a Dairy Queens in Indianapolis, Indiana has had it with the drug deals going on in the area so they made the sign say “PARKING LOT – NOT FOR DRUG SALES THANK YOU.” on one of the sides where the other side promoted their spicy sweet glazed strips.

Some of the locals had this to say

“I do know that this area has some issues I would guess and I’m assuming that the Dairy Queen was tired of it,” said Sturgis. “I think it’s really brave. I don’t know that I would have done that. But I guess if it’s really a problem, then they’re addressing it.”

Jenny Sturgis from news interview

“I can’t help it,” said Howard. “It’s funny as hell. They have a point. They really do have a point. It really is actually sad, because wow, Dairy Queen, of all places, Dairy Queen.”

Robert Howard from the news interview

I honestly gotta say this is the funniest thing i ever seen. I wonder how long this will last. Does this make the owner a target? Will see if there is ever a follow up in the near future.