Man arrested after calling a telecom company 24,000 times to complain over last 2 and a half years

71 year old shi Okamoto from Tokyo, Japan has been mad about his phone company breaking his contract to the point he called them 24,000 times in the last 2 and a half years about it!

Police said the man repeatedly called KDDI, a Japanese telecommunications operator, and demanded its staff come to him and apologize for breaking the terms of his service contract.

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It seems that japan has a law where you can be arrested for not allowing a company to work efficiently due to harassment. Youd think after a few weeks of this they would of done something about this man. Not sure why they tolerated him for this long.

Kamala Harris out of the race for 2020

Kamala Harris dropped out of the race for the 2020 presidential election

This is another nutjob out that is trying to get trump out. As for trump himself he said this in a response

but then later she responds back

Looks like things never change. Who will be next to drop out?

A flight had to return to the airport after a passenger faked an illness to get a better seat

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Flight 3508 from Pensocola Florida to Miami had to return to the airport after a guest claimed to be very ill. Personally i am unsure of the policy’s of American Airlines anymore due to not working for them in over 10 years but hearing a bizarre story like this makes we laugh at the stupid people who fly.

According to the report a female complained and wanted a new seat. She was refused to change seats which in a way is all because of weight and balance but people don’t understand that stuff like i do as a former employee. The lady then fakes she is sick and demands to be moved to a better seat. Somehow that triggered the captain to turn around and go back to Pensacola. When they got there the police were waiting on her since when the lady realised they were going back she said she was lieing about being sick. She refused to get off the plane when officers got on but somehow complied when they asked everyone to get off the plane. After everyone got off she was then arrested and sent to a mental hospital.

The woman was taken into custody and transported to a mental health facility for evaluation under the Baker Act due to her comments to officials, according to Wood.

The Baker Act is a Florida law that allows officials to detain people who may be impaired due to mental illness.

Wood said that the woman, who is not being named by police because she was taken into custody under the Baker Act, has not yet been charged but criminal charges could be filed.

snippet from article to better explain / Mike Wood is the officer at the gate

Note: Due to time frame mentioned in original article the exact flight number was guessed based on flight schedules.

The Supreme Court of Canada orders a payment of $ 20,000 to a woman who refused to hold the escalator handrail

The title is not a joke from the onion. The Canadian Supreme Court allowed a woman to receive $20k all because he refused to hold onto handrail of an escalator. It all started 10 years ago when some woman was looking in her purse for her ticket when some officers approached her and handcuffed her. There was a “warning” sign about holding on to the handrail and the officers took it serious and arrested her. Took 10 years for the supreme court to tell them that it’s just a sign and has no laws bound to it.