Teen puts up a petition to move next years super bowl to Saturday

Frankie Ruggeri a 16 year old from New York is sick of super bowls being on a Sunday. He tells WHAM-TV he wants Super Bowl LV to be played on a Saturday instead of a Sunday “because schools are not open the next day.” and i agree with him.

Superbowl has always been on a Sunday unlike all other games during the season but this is the big game that needs to be a certain day.

It will get more money.and get more vistors to game.NFl will get more telavison views because most goverment jobs have off. have to more children to enjoy there beloved game on TV or at venue. Most of your  playoff games are on saturday. Probably  have to prices becuse more vistors will go


The kid has a lot of valids points there. Most americans if not all are at least off on Saturdays and what else is better on a Saturday night then a Football game? Most college football games are already on Saturdays anyways and already over by the time the Super Bowl even happens so why not have the final game on a Saturday. I personally would love it cause i am off on the weekends working 3rd shift and willing to be up early for the super bowl and party.

What are your thoughts? Would this benefit you? Should it stay on Sunday but maybe be 3pm?