$3,500 Computer Keyboard

Tae Ha Kim better known as Taeha Types, is a streamer on twitch that does his livestreams by making custom keyboards and mice. In his recent work he made a keyboard for a fortnite streamer going by the name Tfue. This keyboard alone cost about $3,500 to make! To me a keyboard is just a keyboard and $3,500 is way too much for a part of the PC. There is an edit video of Kim making the keyboard. Quite educational if you never seen one being assembled before. Bare in mind this is 100% custom so he had to make sure every single key was working and did the job they are supposed to do like the Shift key, Alt key, Caps lock and so on.

Tfue himself was watching the creation of his keyboard and his reaction to opening the box is not to be expected.

Either way if you have the money to spend good for you. Spending that kind of money to help your stream grow is insane! Not sure how a mechanical keyboard works when it comes to gaming in general. What do you think? Was this some sort of collaboration to help grow each others channels more? Personally i could care less to show off the hardware other then showing the specs in the about section of my profile. No need to bling out the system to the point no one else is gonna see it other then you. Now if this is a type of streamer that shows his keyboard to help prove not cheating that is one thing but again way too much money spent to help spruce up the quality.