“Are you kidding me?” originally started in June 2009 when i was working at the airport. During the downtime at work some of us read and i would get USA Today from the passenger area. I kept reading stupid articles that made me felt they were having an off day. Same went to when i would watch networks such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX and CBS. They would always find a way to get things on their channels to get some type of reaction. As woke as i am these things make no sense but it’s funny at the same time. I decided to share the funny things that i find and analyze it showing my personal feelings on them as well as educating people on how certain things can’t be really true or just not told enough of the truth.

There are a lot of “Are you kidding me?” moments on a daily basis! Things you see in politics, sports, entertainment, newspapers, magazines, youtube, facebook, even the internet in general are brainwashing people by either dumbing us down or just showing things that distract us. Now i am only one person and can’t really share everything I see but things that really catch my eye and that hits me in a personal way i wish to share.

“Are you kidding me?” the blog has been up since 2008 but was abandoned in 2012 when i just lost interest in running the site since at the time i had no real plan to keep the site up but i kept the domain just in case i figured out how to make most use of it. In 2019 in the light of so much drama i felt it was time to restart the blog and decided to do a weekly series based on my findings. It allows me to share my thoughts in words more then text.

There are plans for future broadcasts of special topics. When they happen will be random and really unscripted.

Anyone can talk about an “Are you kidding me?” moments and you can do so in our discord! Anyone who brings up a topic for me to talk about in future broadcasts will be credited and may be asked to join in on the show.

This whole website is not about me wanting to share “Are you kidding me?” moments. I wish to make this a community for all types of people.