Scientists want to move the Sun and our Solar System to save Earth from killer asteroids

While it’s something you may hear and see from a sci-fi movie it’s something that is actually possible in the future.

Cartoon render of idea from scientists – screenshot from video

It was devised by physicist Dr Matthew Caplan and explained in a video from German YouTube channel Kurzgesagt.

FOX News Article

I find his theory quite intriguing. The idea to move the sun while the planets are in orbit does sounds crazy but it’s not like we can move the sun at light speed but with enough speed so the planets won’t get out of their orbits. I find it neat we can think about that things as humans cause we are curios creatures who will eventually explore our galaxy. When will this happen? Not in our lifetime but it’s good to know there are people out there looking out for the human race.

Some of the reasons for this is the possibility of many outcomes to the end of the earth such as known asteroids that will potentially hit earth in a certain time frame. The neighboring stars out there that can go super nova and hit our actual solar system. Hell in my own opinion there may be advanced civilization out there that may know of our presence and we can fool them by moving our planets! This may end out a great prank for future ET’s to arrive in our sector and swear there were supposed to be planets here!

Futuristic Concept Of Heavy Load Transportation

I come across videos like this all the time on my Facebook feed but this one makes zero sense based on the concept itself. It looks like a giant drone with four propellers and there are two trucks involved. The two trucks have special motors that help move the item that is what looks to be 50 feet above. Now what gets me is the brides part which is demonstrated in the video. You have a crew of two people per truck and disconnects and reconnects the special wire. While that seems valid what are the wires for? Are they the source of power for the drone? Drones usually don’t last that long and if you think about it the trailers of the two trucks may be the source of power for the drone. The thing that bother me the most is the item they are transporting is 50 feet in the air! It’s really heavy too! Imagine the drone malfunctioning and whatever they are moving falls down. I don’t wanna be part of that team!

Futuristic Concept Of Heavy Load Transportation

Futuristic Concept Of Heavy Load Transportation

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Inflatable Millennium Falcon

For around $10,000 you can own an Inflatable Millennium Falcon which you can purchase in full or can finance for $237 a month. This newly licensed “jumping experiance” was recently added to the Magic Jump Product line. While I may not be a huge star wars fan I know a few people who may be crazy enough to purchase this. I came across this monstrosity by visiting an old Counter-Strike clanmate of mines blog where he runs a website dedicated to nothing but disney. You can read more about it here

A man bought Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Grease’ jacket for $243,200 and gave it back to her

You got that right from the title! At an auction held in Australia a man bought Olivia Newton-John’s jacket she wore in the movie “Gease” which came out 1978 which was 42 years ago. The actress herself has gone through tough times over the years with being diagnosed with cancer 3 times and has beat it all 3 times! She wanted to donate the jacket to a charity which was raising money for cancer research and an anonymous man going by the name of “her biggest fan” bought it and gave it back to her directly with a special presentation. Olivia was overjoyed with getting her jacket back and glad it wasn’t gone for good.

Celadon Trucking goes out of business and leaves truckers stranded mid route

Indiana base trucking company Celedon filed for bankruptcy and closed it’s doors 2 days after two former officials were charged with fraud. With 4000 employees where most of them are drivers were in the middle of their routes when this happened leaving them stranded! This is the worst time to have a company of upmost importance to shut down especially durring the holiday season. It seems prices for delivery will be on the rise so that is bad for the people in the region this company does the most deliveries from a general location. There is some good news out of this where most drivers who been working for 10+ years have already found new jobs and can continue working. It’s unconfirmed if they were able to keep delivering after being hired into their new jobs where the new company were able to fulfill the deliveries.