Baby Yoda makes Disney lose $2.7 Million

“baby yoda” seen holding a tiny cup in Episode 4 of Mandalorian Season 1

With Mandalorian only 5 episodes into the series so far “Baby Yoda” has stolen our hearts as the cutest little being on the new series on Disney plus. Ever since his first appearance in Episode 1 people were scratching their head on the existance of this mysterios creature. Little is known about this toddler where based on story so far we learn it’s actually 40 years old and it can use the force. Is this an offspring of yoda himself? We may never know but we know this!

Mandalorian greets “baby yoda” for the 1st time near the end of episode 1

Ever since episode 1 and especially since episode 4 merchandise of sprouted out like weeds and they weren’t even disney licensed. There were so much merch being sold on Ebay and Amazon it’s estimated to be worth around $2.7 million and growing! It seems that fans didn’t want to wait any longer to have a “baby yoda” figurine or some sort of item with the mysterious creature on it. Items such as a plush doll, figurine, calendar, and many more items came out before the official merchandise is even available.

Hopefully Disney can make up for the loses. While most of these items were fan made and not exact copies of the total look it seems the people behind the items are safe for now. Time will tell if we start seeing lawsuits. Either way “baby yoda” is the new thing and what will ever take it’s spot?

Celadon Trucking goes out of business and leaves truckers stranded mid route

Indiana base trucking company Celedon filed for bankruptcy and closed it’s doors 2 days after two former officials were charged with fraud. With 4000 employees where most of them are drivers were in the middle of their routes when this happened leaving them stranded! This is the worst time to have a company of upmost importance to shut down especially durring the holiday season. It seems prices for delivery will be on the rise so that is bad for the people in the region this company does the most deliveries from a general location. There is some good news out of this where most drivers who been working for 10+ years have already found new jobs and can continue working. It’s unconfirmed if they were able to keep delivering after being hired into their new jobs where the new company were able to fulfill the deliveries.