$3,500 Computer Keyboard

Tae Ha Kim better known as Taeha Types, is a streamer on twitch that does his livestreams by making custom keyboards and mice. In his recent work he made a keyboard for a fortnite streamer going by the name Tfue. This keyboard alone cost about $3,500 to make! To me a keyboard is just a keyboard and $3,500 is way too much for a part of the PC. There is an edit video of Kim making the keyboard. Quite educational if you never seen one being assembled before. Bare in mind this is 100% custom so he had to make sure every single key was working and did the job they are supposed to do like the Shift key, Alt key, Caps lock and so on.

Tfue himself was watching the creation of his keyboard and his reaction to opening the box is not to be expected.

Either way if you have the money to spend good for you. Spending that kind of money to help your stream grow is insane! Not sure how a mechanical keyboard works when it comes to gaming in general. What do you think? Was this some sort of collaboration to help grow each others channels more? Personally i could care less to show off the hardware other then showing the specs in the about section of my profile. No need to bling out the system to the point no one else is gonna see it other then you. Now if this is a type of streamer that shows his keyboard to help prove not cheating that is one thing but again way too much money spent to help spruce up the quality.

Petition to change NBA logo after death of Kobe Bryant

A petition was put out the day of Kobe Bryants death claiming the NBA needs to change their logo to look like Kobe. A guy going by the username Nick M stated in the petition

With the untimely and unexpected passing of the great Kobe Bryant please sign this petition in an attempt to immortalize him forever as the new NBA Logo.


As of 12:17pm Eastern on January 28th, 2020 it has 1,920,217 signatures.

The current NBA logo, a man in silhouette dribbling a basketball, is meant to be the likeness of Jerry West, another legendary Laker. 3 years ago Jerry had this to say about the logo on ESPN

Is it really time to change the logo now that a legend has died? Who is more deserving for the logo? Does it even have to look like an actual player?

Teen puts up a petition to move next years super bowl to Saturday

Frankie Ruggeri a 16 year old from New York is sick of super bowls being on a Sunday. He tells WHAM-TV he wants Super Bowl LV to be played on a Saturday instead of a Sunday “because schools are not open the next day.” and i agree with him.

Superbowl has always been on a Sunday unlike all other games during the season but this is the big game that needs to be a certain day.

It will get more money.and get more vistors to game.NFl will get more telavison views because most goverment jobs have off. have to more children to enjoy there beloved game on TV or at venue. Most of your  playoff games are on saturday. Probably  have to prices becuse more vistors will go


The kid has a lot of valids points there. Most americans if not all are at least off on Saturdays and what else is better on a Saturday night then a Football game? Most college football games are already on Saturdays anyways and already over by the time the Super Bowl even happens so why not have the final game on a Saturday. I personally would love it cause i am off on the weekends working 3rd shift and willing to be up early for the super bowl and party.

What are your thoughts? Would this benefit you? Should it stay on Sunday but maybe be 3pm?

Kobe Bryant dies in Helicopter Crash

Kobe Bryant was in a helicopter with his Daughter Gianna, a College Baseball coach John Altobelli with his wife and daughter, and the Assistant Girls Coach of Harbor Day School and her husband. The pilot was also among them to die in the crash. It happened around 9:45am Pacific when Kobe and the crew were heading to a basketball game when things started getting bad with the fog due to stormy weather. Most aircraft were grounded but they went ahead to brave it out. Radar shows them circling the coliseum area until it went down on the hills.

Over the weekend Labron James scored 33,643 points surpassing Kobe where he tweeted him

He even text messaged Shareef O’Neal, the son of NBA legend and Bryant’s longtime teammate Shaquille O’Neal, saying how he was looking forward to seeing them next week.

This is a sad time in the NBA world. Most teams on Sunday tribute to Kobe by doing violations on purpose

Nearly every team playing across Sunday’s eight-game schedule — not long after it was learned that Bryant died in a helicopter crash at age 41 — took a planned shot-clock violation. Teams took turns holding the ball for 24 seconds and eight seconds in the backcourt in honor of the No. 24 and No. 8 jerseys that Bryant wore. The tributes drew standing ovations across the board.


A player who was very close to Kobe was unable to play last night and wanted to mourn

In New York, prior to the Brooklyn Nets’ game vs. the Knicks at Madison Square Garden and prior to their shot-clock violations, it was announced that guard Kyrie Irving would not play for personal reasons, so as to mourn Bryant’s death.

“As an organization, we’re devastated. Our players are devastated,” Nets coach Kenny Atkinson said. “We have a player [Irving] that’s very close to Kobe. Our thoughts and prayers are with him also. Just a tough time for the NBA for all of us.”


Players and Fans flooded twitter with messages about the crash.

Podcast new time

Just in case i forgot to mention it the podcast has been moved to Saturday Morning at 6am eastern. It will still be on VIMM, Twitch, Mixer and Dlive. If you are not a morning person don’t worry the show will still be uploaded to Bitchute. This new time really benefits me working 3rd shift and i am awake enough to do a proper show. And it give me a chance to sleep in on my days off. Got some interesting topic to talk about this week so be sure to tune in if you can.

Most coffee makers are crawling with germs and growing mold, experts say. Here’s why

Are you a coffee drinker? Not me personally but i do use one to brew tea with at least. Either way people use coffee makers all the time! You never stop to think about the common areas of you coffee maker that you least expect to be dirty. Say your water reservoir. It’s just water in there right? According to experts you need to make sure water is fully out of the resevoir cause it could lead to mold. Best way to prevent is to let it use up all the water and then when done brewing let it air out by taking the top off. This is good for those basic ones most people use at home like this one.

A very basic coffee maker that is good for 4 cups

If you have one of those Keurigs machines which you mainly refill when you please it’s best to refresh the water on a daily basis depending how often you use the machine. I never owned one to know how much water it really holds but if it’s a bigger hold that last longer then your average use at least refresh your water every 3 days or so. This is depending on how fresh i want my water and other peoples opinion may vary.

Another thing to think of is to make sure not only the pot is clean but the surrounding area is clean as well. When it comes to office coffee who know how many times that machine area was used.

Now you are wondering why i even bother writing this blog entry today? It seems i found something on USA Today’s Website that talked about this. It must be a no news monday for them but here is a video they had about this. Either way this is good to know if you aren’t in the know. Hell i never thought about the water reservoir part.

Show delayed and new time slot

The weekly broadcast will be delayed tonight and will air at around 2am eastern on http://vimm.tv/rukidnme. As for future broadcasts I plan on doing them at 6am on Saturday mornings. This will help me stay on my normal sleeping pattern being that i work 3rd shift. The format of the show will stay the same. Sorry if this announcement wasn’t sent sooner and any changes in the future I will try to announce sooner. The show will still be uploaded to bitchute after broadcasting.

Pampers sells a diaper with a sensor on it

The Consumer Electronic Show is going on in Las Vegas and every year companies show off their new products. One of the least expected companies had a new product meant for new parents. Presenting the smart diaper!

It comes with a special camera that keeps an eye on the sensor that is put on the babies diaper. It’s supposed to help detect when the baby urinates or takes a poo. It even monitors the baby when it sleeps to help parents know if it’s sleeping or not. It seems we are in a world where we need to rely on technology to help see what is wrong with a baby.

Not only was this showed off at the CES but you can order it now! Only $349! It’s a must have if you can’t take care of a baby like many have done for thousands of generations.


Mtn Dew Body Wash Blast

You got that right! According to bestproducts.com it seem that there is a legit version of Mt. Dew that is in Body Wash form! You can go around smelling like the soda but sadly not any time soon. If seems as part of a special intro promotion it was given to 250 lucky people. It’s unsure if this will hit stores anytime soon but i can see it selling out in Walmart sometime in the future. Would you buy this? I wonder what boogie2988 has to say about about this?

Dairy Queen sign calls out drug activity in its parking lot

An owner of a Dairy Queens in Indianapolis, Indiana has had it with the drug deals going on in the area so they made the sign say “PARKING LOT – NOT FOR DRUG SALES THANK YOU.” on one of the sides where the other side promoted their spicy sweet glazed strips.

Some of the locals had this to say

“I do know that this area has some issues I would guess and I’m assuming that the Dairy Queen was tired of it,” said Sturgis. “I think it’s really brave. I don’t know that I would have done that. But I guess if it’s really a problem, then they’re addressing it.”

Jenny Sturgis from news interview

“I can’t help it,” said Howard. “It’s funny as hell. They have a point. They really do have a point. It really is actually sad, because wow, Dairy Queen, of all places, Dairy Queen.”

Robert Howard from the news interview

I honestly gotta say this is the funniest thing i ever seen. I wonder how long this will last. Does this make the owner a target? Will see if there is ever a follow up in the near future.