I Am Jesus Christ – The video game!

The title is no lie! There is a game being developed by SimulaM and published by Playway which is the same publisher for the simulator games such as House Flipper, Car Mechanic, and the new Thief Simulator.

I am unsure how the game is played. There have been games out there before where it tells a story and you just have to do some interaction with your mouse to continue with some parts of the story. Now with this game basically being the story about Jesus Christ it’s unsure how well this will sell or how much backlash there will be once the game is released. There has already been some backlash on the trailer release from IGN.

Only time will tell. Will you buy this? Do you think this should exist?

Youtube Rewind 2019

Youtube for the past few years has been releaseing a special video near the end of the year where it shocases all the top youtubers of of that year. Each year had a certain theme based on some major events as well as some memes that were trending througout the year. In 2018 the video they made had the most dislikes ever done to any video on the platform itself. The video was so bad youtube decided to make this years theme be all about liked videos. Somehow this is a bad idea cause so far the dislikes are outdoing the likes again with 1.3 million likes and 2.6 million dislikes just in the 1st 20 hour of the upload. With 20 million views so far who knows what the results may be. Now youtube has the upper hand with the analytics of top views, likes, subs etc but they are missing the point to how the rewind video is supposed to represent. While I just learned about the video existance only 30 minutes before writing the post I am curios of how many videos there will be about how bad or good the video is. What caught my eye to know it existed was seeing a tweet from Mr Beast who posted this on twitter earlier in the day

It seems to me he has a certain opinion but i can’t speak for him. What do you think? Check out the video below