Scientists want to move the Sun and our Solar System to save Earth from killer asteroids

While it’s something you may hear and see from a sci-fi movie it’s something that is actually possible in the future.

Cartoon render of idea from scientists – screenshot from video

It was devised by physicist Dr Matthew Caplan and explained in a video from German YouTube channelĀ Kurzgesagt.

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I find his theory quite intriguing. The idea to move the sun while the planets are in orbit does sounds crazy but it’s not like we can move the sun at light speed but with enough speed so the planets won’t get out of their orbits. I find it neat we can think about that things as humans cause we are curios creatures who will eventually explore our galaxy. When will this happen? Not in our lifetime but it’s good to know there are people out there looking out for the human race.

Some of the reasons for this is the possibility of many outcomes to the end of the earth such as known asteroids that will potentially hit earth in a certain time frame. The neighboring stars out there that can go super nova and hit our actual solar system. Hell in my own opinion there may be advanced civilization out there that may know of our presence and we can fool them by moving our planets! This may end out a great prank for future ET’s to arrive in our sector and swear there were supposed to be planets here!

FCC approves new three-digit number, 988, as US suicide prevention hotline

The following article contains some personal thoughts from the creator of this website and may offend some people. Bare in mind this is just a blog and not to be taken too seriously. Please have an open mind when reading and consult with a real professional if you are having problems. Suicide is no joke.

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It seems that suicide is on the rise and people have hard times remembering important phone numbers so the FCC has approved a new 3 digit number that calls the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

While mostly in the past people who committed suicide are mostly war veterans and people who did hardcore drugs. Now these days you got kids who can’t decide what gender they are or you just got people who can’t handle the simple things in life.

There are other things that could cause suicidal thoughts such as you just learned your spouse has cancer and only has a few days to live. Thinking about suicide cause you can’t bare the thought of still living after they pass away is a legit reason to call this hotline.

Working so hard on a project for your job and feeling underappreciated is another example of a reason to call the hotline. Certain CEO’s can be a dick for making someone work so hard on something and then never give them the proper credit they deserve.

These examples and many more i can see why there is a need of an easier way to call someone for help. While 911 is currently the most simple way using 988 as an alternative helps prevent unnecessary calls to 911 and you will actually have someone who is trained for the reason for the call to answer instead of being transferred to another person and/or waiting on the help.

Youtube Rewind 2019

Youtube for the past few years has been releaseing a special video near the end of the year where it shocases all the top youtubers of of that year. Each year had a certain theme based on some major events as well as some memes that were trending througout the year. In 2018 the video they made had the most dislikes ever done to any video on the platform itself. The video was so bad youtube decided to make this years theme be all about liked videos. Somehow this is a bad idea cause so far the dislikes are outdoing the likes again with 1.3 million likes and 2.6 million dislikes just in the 1st 20 hour of the upload. With 20 million views so far who knows what the results may be. Now youtube has the upper hand with the analytics of top views, likes, subs etc but they are missing the point to how the rewind video is supposed to represent. While I just learned about the video existance only 30 minutes before writing the post I am curios of how many videos there will be about how bad or good the video is. What caught my eye to know it existed was seeing a tweet from Mr Beast who posted this on twitter earlier in the day

It seems to me he has a certain opinion but i can’t speak for him. What do you think? Check out the video below

Man arrested after calling a telecom company 24,000 times to complain over last 2 and a half years

71 year old shi Okamoto from Tokyo, Japan has been mad about his phone company breaking his contract to the point he called them 24,000 times in the last 2 and a half years about it!

Police said the man repeatedly called KDDI, a Japanese telecommunications operator, and demanded its staff come to him and apologize for breaking the terms of his service contract.

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It seems that japan has a law where you can be arrested for not allowing a company to work efficiently due to harassment. Youd think after a few weeks of this they would of done something about this man. Not sure why they tolerated him for this long.